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Uses of Copper Wire

Copper has been the most favored metal for electrical wiring and connectors for centuries since the invention of the telegraph and electromagnet. Its growth accelerated with the introduction of the telephone in 1876. For nearly 200 years, copper has been extensively used in various electrical settings, telecommunications, power generation, transmission, and distribution.

Reddish-brown in color, copper is a highly ductile and malleable metal. It can be stretched and drawn into wire strands as thin as human hair. The metal has a high thermal and conductivity and can be put to many uses. Among all the uses of this versatile metal, 60% of copper is used in making electrical wires.

Copper wire: what makes it popular in electrical wiring?

All metals have some amount of resistivity against electric currents and hence they need a power source to push the current through them. The lower the resistivity and better is the conductivity. Copper has a low-level of resistivity, making it an excellent conductor of electricity.

Copper is less prone to corrosion and oxidation as compared to other metals like aluminium. Oxidation (when a metal reacts with the air and oxygen present in the atmosphere) can corrode the metal’s surface, forming a thin layer like rust on iron and steel. Copper develops a green patina (copper oxide) which unlike rust actually protects the metal from further corrosion and allows electricity to pass through it.

Let’s look at some of the properties of copper:

-          Corrosion resistance
-          Good electrical conductivity
-          Good thermal conductivity
-          Catalytic
-          Easy to alloy, ductile, tough, and hygienic
-          Non-magnetic and recyclable

Copper Wire Manufacturers
Copper Wire Manufacturers

Popular uses of copper wire

Every copper wire has a specific usage and application. For example, stranded copper wire is used in scenarios where constant movement and flexibility is needed. Similarly, braided copper wire jumpers are used in transformers, computers, generators, etc. to provide the greatest flow of electricity.
Some popular uses of copper wire can be seen in the following industries.

Automobile industry

Copper is highly used in the automotive industry due to its ability to bend easily. With a high melting point, they can also be freely installed in applications that go through frequent temperature changes. Their uses are also seen in electric motors and cars in the wire harness, radiator, brake tubes, etc.

Electricity supply

Copper wire is used for electric power transmission, transformers, wire and cables, plug components, connectors, jumpers like braided copper wire jumpers, hollow wire, etc. They are also used in cables and residential electrical circuits. It is one of the most popularly used products.

Electronics industry

They are heavily used in the electronics industry like in integrated circuits, copper printed circuits, vacuum electronic devices, etc.

Energy and Petrochemical industries

Solar heaters, condenser tubes, plates, pipe systems, filters, valves, pumps, containers for holding corrosive mediums, evaporators, etc. are made from copper and copper alloy. It is used in submarine applications. The copper ions in the water work as an antiseptic to protect marine organisms.

The uses of copper can also be seen in the light industry (heat exchangers in air conditioners), metallurgy industry, jewelry, and transportation.

Amongst all its uses, its use as in supplying electricity to the households is the most prominent. Copper wires due to their innumerable characteristics are one of the safest metals for the home and industrial wiring systems. Ganpati Engineering is a leading Bare, Bunched & Braided Copper Wire Manufacturer & Suppliers with products like tinned copper wire, braided copper wire, and much more.